Adoption of international standards

Serbia has adopted many international regulations on human and minority rights. However, the harmonization of national laws and regulations with these standards is lacking. At the same time, the adoption of a new Strategy for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination is still pending. 


Controversial human rights development

Reports from various international human rights organizations indicate that human rights have been compromised in Serbia, and extreme right-wing and neo-fascist organizations are gaining strength. At the same time, domestic organizations express doubts about the justification of the measures adopted in Serbia during the Covid-19 virus pandemic, accusing the Government of violating personal freedoms. 


Sports lack human rights considerations

There is a lack of concrete state initiatives and strategies dealing with human rights in the field of sports. At the same time, within the non-governmental sector, initiatives are not strong enough. So the athletes were forced to take extreme measures, such as the hunger strike that the football players of FC Borac Čačak and FC Jagodina had in order to exercise their rights.