Policy recommendations

Be responsive

  1. Identify human rights factors that influence sport and physical activity in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath.
  2. Learn how to reduce disparities in sport and physical activity opportunity during crises and post-crises.
  3. Translate research into practice and policy for the current and future pandemics.

Be proactive

Your business partners, future talents and clients may already be asking about your human rights management practices. Why not build your competitive advantage around human rights due diligence and be a first mover in the sports industry? What worked for the Forest Green Rovers with environmental sustainability can be your next smart move!

Be prepared

Recent legislative developments (e.g. UK Modern Slavery Act) and benchmarking initiatives such as the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark illustrate that governments, consumers, investors and civil society expect companies to “know and show” how they respect human rights, manage their negative impacts and enhance positive ones. This will also affect the sporting industry!

Be consistent

After implementing a human rights policy, define concrete next steps according to your risk profile and priorities and monitor implementation accordingly.