25. September 2020

For human rights and environmental protection along the supply chain: Non-professional side Babelsberg 03 is a recent member in the German initiative for a binding supply chain law

SV Babelsberg 03 is the first football club in Germany to join the Supply Chain Law initiative. The alliance of over 100 civil society organizations demands […]
11. September 2020

News Update – 11 September 2020

Interview with Melitina Staniouta: The decorated gymnast has joined 400 sporting figures in protesting at the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko and police brutality “I got so […]
4. September 2020

News Update – 04 September 2020

26 companies (adidas among them), business associations, and initiatives make joint call for EU mandatory human rights & environmental due diligence On 2 September, a joint […]
28. August 2020

News Update – 28 August 2020

Human Rights in Sports – a chance to change (radio broadcasting) Professional sport often has difficulties with a consistent commitment to human rights and corporate responsibility. […]
8. August 2020

Interview: Athletes‘ Rights, with Johannes Herber from Ahtletes Germany (independent athlete representation)

Interview with: Johannes Herber, Managing Director Athletes Germany Anton: According to the website, Athletes Germany (original: Athleten Deutschland) was founded in 2017 to give the athletes […]
10. Juli 2020

News Update – 10 July 2020

Choi Suk-hyeon: South Korean triathlete kills herself ‚after abuse‘ South Korea has been hit by yet another tragic abuse story in their elite sports system. Choi […]
3. Juli 2020

News Update – 3 July 2020

Flares, smoke bombs, racist banners and social stupidity mar Bulgarian Cup final Bulgarian football fans violated social distancing rules in the domestic cup final which Lokomotiv […]
2. Juli 2020

A football match in 2030 – a geopolitical competition?

It is the 25 May 2030, the day of the PepsiCo European Super League™ final that takes place in Guangzhou, Evergrande’s 1.6 billion euro stadium, officially […]
2. Juli 2020

Human rights due diligence in German football

Human rights may initially appear to be a topic unrelated to football. However, the assumption of social responsibility has long been an important principle of action, […]