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Sport faces ongoing (legal) challenges in terms of discrimination, athletes rights or its overall social responsibilities. During COVID-19, the already deprived and most vulnerable populations have been explicitly hit by crisis regulations and restrictions. In the near future, a significant increase in consideration of human rights requirements can be expected in the economic sector of sport. A holistic human rights assessment cycle would be vital to regain the trust of fans, civil society and all relevant stakeholders in the field to shape a more sustainable sport for everyone.

Project PRESFUL was created in 2020 during a Global Design Challenge to bring sports back more sustainable during and after the pandemic. Thus, it aims at protecting, respecting, and fulfilling the human rights of all involved in the delivery of physical education, physical activity and sport, in a first step through intense research.
The focus for 2021 is to do build up a knowledge exchange in the field of sports and human rights and to get in touch with youth in order to interest them in this diverse and underrepresented topic.

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